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February 2nd - February 7th, 2024 Guangdong, China

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All Star Theme

Every year, ASDAN invites top 60% of teams from regional round competitions to participate in the All Star Semi-Finals, which is a national business simulation challenge following a ‘Legendary Story’ theme. Over 100 teams from dozens of regional round competitions across China meet at the All Star Business Simulation Challenge. Winning teams from the All Star Business Simulation will advance directly to WYEF National Finals Round, and also stand a chance to visit Silicon Valley to pitch their ideas to top global investors, and to win up to tens of thousands of dollars of angel investments.

Academic Session

All Star Challenge (Suitable for Grades 4-12)
Semi-League National Round: Limited to top 60% of teams from regional round competitions
Global Final Round: Open for Semi-league award winner and regional gold/silver/bronze winner(Now for China Region Only)

Business Operations

7 rounds of operational decisions,a higher difficulty level 7

Roadshow Presentations

3 roadshows of different topics 3

Auction Challenge

Buying and selling, negotiating and trading 1
The All Star Business Simulation Challenge is of a higher difficulty level than local round competitions. In the All Star Business Simulation, companies will undergo a more intense business operation challenge as they make 7 rounds of operational decisions which symbolize their two-year company survival strategy. Each company begins with the same initial capital and produces similar products in the market. Companies need to build solid knowledge of their industry and to manage multiple areas of their businesses from promoting new products and building financial models to broadening their corporate social influence and completing roadshow presentations to a board of directors.
Business leaders need to master diverse skillsets to successfully run their business, one of which includes pitching their ideas to grow their business capital. Hence within the All Star Business Simulation, companies need to complete three roadshows of different topics as they manage their operations. Each company is competing with competitors from the same industry and companies need to simultaneously manage their financial performance in the market and to conduct market research for their roadshow presentations. During roadshow presentations, companies need to use effective and persuasive language to win over their investors and gain additional “investment" for their business operations.
Business leaders are strategy masters and know how to maximise the value of their resources effectively to build a successful business. Students will learn how to work on developing a good strategy through this auction challenge. Each company plays a different role and utilizes their resources to negotiate and trade with other companies to achieve the highest amount of profit. Companies need to expand their network of Three Kingdom contacts to conduct persuasive trading deals and to achieve their desired trading outcome.

Social Carnival

As entrepreneurs, it is important to build networks and to increase connections with other business leaders. The All Star Social Carnival consists of a range of workshops, talent shows, and social galas in the All-Star Social Carnival to help students boost their professional networking skills and opportunities.

Talent Show

Talent Show






Sample Agenda




Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Return
Morning Registration Growth:
●2nd Operation Round
●3rd Operation Round

Preparation for Task 2

●4th Operation Round
Task 2 Presentation
●6th Operation Round
Task 3 Presentation

Afternoon Opening Ceremony

Rules Introduction

●1st Operation Round

Trading Game

Task announcement for 2nd presentation

●5th Operation Round
●7th and 8th Operation Rounds
Evening Task 1 Presentation

Task Announcement for 2nd Presentation

Special Event Social Gala Talent Show

Closing and Awards Ceremony



  • All Star Gold Award
  • All Star Silver Award
  • All Star Bronze Award
  • Best Project Award

  • Prototype Award
  • Best Entrepreneur Award
  • Top Trading Team
  • Poseidon Award (All Star Special Award)

Each student participating in the ASDAN Business Simulation will receive ASDAN Seed Points based on the programs they participated. ASDAN credits are awarded based on comprehensive quality evaluation methods and principles from the UK, the United States, and the Chinese Ministry of Education. A higher credit score reflects a stronger holistic performance and learning ability of the student.

Check points system

ASDAN Scholarships


Gold Award


Silver Award


Bronze Award


Special Award

The ASDAN Scholarship can be used to offset expenses for other ASDAN Programs that you participate in in the future. Please refer to this website for more information regarding the terms of use of this scholarship.:


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