Teacher workshop
ASDAN China has developed a range of education programs such as the A* Business Simulation to match the subjects and interdisciplinary teaching system in schools. ASDAN also provides various education resources to support teachers’ learning. In the past 10 years, over 10,000 teachers have participated in ASDAN quality education forums and over 1,000 teachers have participated in overseas study trips to US, UK, and Europe. ASDAN has also hosted 3 business forums which were attended by nearly 1,000 teachers from over 115 schools.
Teacher Preparation Booklet
We provide a customized A* Business Simulation Preparation Booklet for Teachers, which is a learning resource containing guided questions and detailed explanations that teachers can use to prepare students for the competition. Teachers will also have access to the academic materials that students will receive as an additional reference.
1 to 1 guidance
Every teacher is assigned their own specialist who will be able to provide help or support at any point regarding the structure or schedule of the A* Business Simulation. etc. We have specialized WeChat groups that serve as a communication platform between teachers and our academic specialists.
Onsite Observation
We offer teachers the opportunity to join our A* Business Simulation events in person for free. Teachers can attend regional round competitions, All Star Semi-Finals or World Youth Economic Forum Global Finals and observe students’ roadshow presentations or exhibition displays.
In School Training
To prepare teachers for the A* Business Simulation competitions, we visit schools to provide pre-competition training for teachers, such as seminars to learn about logical thinking skills and building business competences. We can also provide additional training for students at the request of teachers e.g. pre-competition operations system's training.
Business Club Guidance
The ASDAN Business Club is an initiative for students to take ownership of their own business leadership development. To support students, we provide them with handbooks to learn about how to be effective student leaders to run and operate their business clubs. These handbooks are also accessible to teachers and can be used as a tool for teachers to facilitate additional learning sessions for students.